About Us

Alexandria Bancorp Limited was established in 1990 in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Alexandria Bancorp is licensed as a Class “B” Bank and Trust Company allowing us to provide banking and trustee services to international clients.

In 1990, Guardian Capital Group Limited established Alexandria Bancorp Limited in the Cayman Islands to provide banking, investment management and trustee services to its international clients, and later established Alexandria Trust Corporation in Barbados to offer treaty-based trust and corporate management services. Based in Canada, and with offices in the USA and the UK, Guardian Capital Group Limited is a very well capitalized diversified financial services company established in 1962. Guardian has substantial depth and expertise in the investment management sector, particularly with institutional and high net worth clients. Guardian shares are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

In Cayman, Alexandria is licensed as a Class “B” Bank & Trust Company, as well as holding a restricted Mutual Fund Administrator Licence and a Securities Investment Business Licence through its wholly-owned subsidiary Alexandria Global Investment Management Ltd. Alexandria Bancorp Limited and Alexandria Global Investment Management Ltd. are both licensed and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. With no taxes of any kind on income, capital, wealth, gifts or inheritance, a very modern and efficient legal system, and a highly regarded regulatory framework, the Cayman Islands has become the leading jurisdiction for international tax neutral planning.

In Barbados, Alexandria Trust Corporation is a licensed Trust and Corporate Service Provider regulated by the Barbados International Business Unit. With an extensive network of tax treaties (including with the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, members of the EU, as well as jurisdictions in Latin America and Africa) and a educated professional workforce, Barbados is a very attractive jurisdiction for international business planning and establishing meaningful substance.