Alexandria provides its clients with comprehensive and personalized trustee and corporate administration services, including the provision of a company’s registered office, corporate director and secretary, accounting services, and the maintenance of corporate records and regulatory filings.

In its Barbados and Cayman offices, Alexandria’s Trust and Corporate Services Teams administer a wide range of entities, including those listed below.

Trustee Services

  • Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Trusts
  • Charitable & non-charitable purpose trusts (STAR)
  • Private Trust Companies
  • Reserved powers trusts
  • Domestic Barbados Trusts
  • Employee Benefit Trusts

Corporate & Other Entities

  • Exempted Companies
  • International Business Companies (IBC)
  • Resident or non-resident companies
  • Segregated Portfolio Companies
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee
  • Foundations
  • Special Purpose Vehicles

For many wealthy families and individuals, trusts and corporate entities form an essential component of their estate and wealth management plan. Common reasons for establishing an offshore structure include: asset protection from unforeseen potential creditors or litigation; planning for the succession of property and wealth; and preserving privacy, particularly when kidnapping or violence is a concern.

We would be pleased to discuss your estate with you and your advisors.

Why Barbados?

Its extensive treaty network has made Barbados a favoured jurisdiction for holding non-financial assets such as intellectual property, closely held private company shares and real estate. Barbados also has a very favourable tax regime while being recognized on the OECD approved list of jurisdictions that have substantially internationally agreed tax standards.

Why Cayman?

Modern trust and company laws have made the Cayman Islands the leading jurisdiction for structures designed for international corporate and estate planning. The Cayman Islands does not impose direct taxes on its residents. There are no income, capital gains or probate taxes and distributions made to non-residents are free of any form of withholding tax.